Connect college gamers into a united grassroots organization of students dedicated to making a positive local impact. Foster an online community centered around service, friendly competition, and the gaming culture.


Promote the fellowship, development, and charitable collaboration of individuals who enjoy interactive entertainment.


Young Creator’s Foundation

Proudly partnered with GameStart School to promote STEM education in underserved communities through game design.

College Gamers Network (CGN)

Online social gathering of student leaders looking to channel their passions in video games and make a greater local impact in their communities.

It’s our belief that there’s huge potential when like-minded individuals are connected. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, College Gamers Association aims to equip students with the skills and resources to better achieve their goals, while channeling their passions in gaming to benefit others.

CGN Beta Features

XP Academy℠

Earn skills and badges through eLearning courses designed to provide knowledge specific to your challenges as a student and leader. Become a CGA-Certified Leader to boost your resume and gain an advantage in the workplace.


Keep your community engaged and the competitive spirit fed by awarding and recognizing other contributors. Build a reputation as an active member in your community and make a name for yourself.


Share ideas with leaders from other schools. Connect with club members on and off campus. Collaborate.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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